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“God has blessed my husband and I with four beautiful, healthy children. I am a stay at home mom to them.  Two years ago I became an Area Consultant for Just Ducky and I am so glad I did!   Just Ducky offers matching sibling clothing and does not sacrifice quality for price.  I love being able to match my children while keeping their unique personalities and styles in mind.  Customizing with Just Ducky is FUN!  My customers and I have always been pleased with our clothing.  Just Ducky stands behind their line and is committed to excellence.  Thanks Just Ducky for allowing me to sell your line and watch my children grow in custom clothes!”  

Amy (Medina, TN)

“I enjoyed mixing and matching colors and fabrics! This is why I’m so excited about what Just Ducky has to offer. You can shop with 20 of your friends and no one have the exact same outfit as your child!!!”

-Melissa (Knoxville, TN)

“Hi Sallie – I just found your website and wanted to say hello… I sold Just Ducky in Fayetteville many, many years ago… My oldest daughters are now 29 and I clothed them, as well as my son, and youngest daugther who is 19… The reason I wanted to write was to tell you that I recently went to the Just Ducky show here and am now buying for my grandson… Where has the time gone??? … I’m so glad that Just Ducky is still around and that you have maintained the same quality that I loved over all these years… It’s good to know that there are some things that don’t change… I look forward to buying Just Ducky for many years to come.”

Lenore (Fayetteville, NC)

“I love to dress my children in what I call “classic southern clothes” and that’s one reason I love the Just Ducky line.”

-Stacey (Vienna, VA)

“I was thinking back to when I first heard about Just Ducky. This is a wild story… I was at a Disney on Ice show at the Colonial Center in Columbia, SC with my husband’s company in the Coca-Cola Suite. I kept noticing this little girl in the row of seats beside us with her cute brown and pink dress on, and her cute hairbow and tights. I think it was a chocolate corduroy dress. I just remember the colors and the monogram. I loved the brown and pink and this was over a year ago when it first was popular. Anyway, a few months went by and we went to the SEC championship game in Atlanta, GA. Of course, one day we had to go to Lenox square to go shopping. I was in the children’s department of Neiman Marcus and I noticed the dress! The very same dress! So I got up my nerve and went and asked the Mom where she got it. Her reply shocked me. She said, “I am not from here. I am from Columbia, SC and I got it at a Just Ducky party!”

Jennifer (Blythewood, SC)

“I bought clothes from a friend who is a rep for the business and was very impressed with the quality of the clothes.”

Katherine (Chapel Hill, NC)

“The few items I have purchased over the last couple of years, I have handed down from child to child. It is not only a darling clothing line, but also a high quality product that I am confident others will want to purchase.”

Nealy (Kansas City, MO)

“I have already tested the waters about Just Ducky with a few friends & they already are ready to book parties!”

Liza (Smithfield, MS)

“I looked online at the clothes and fell in love with them. I have two daughters that I know are going to start wanting to pick out their own clothes before too long. I plan on taking advantage of being able to choose cute and affordable clothes for them while I still can.”  

Jamie (Bastrop, MS)

“I am a stay at home mom and I have been looking for something that I could do and still stay at home. I love to dress my children in quality clothing and trying to match them, you guys offer that. I would be honored to be an area consultant and offer such a great line to family and friends.”  

Lesley (Lyon, MS)

“Thank you so much for such great customer service. I love your boys and girls clothing and will definitely be a repeat customer. My kids love to wear their Just Ducky clothes and the quality keeps me coming back for more and the custom options for each season get better and better.”

-Brooke (Huntersville, NC)

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